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Imagine that you have an English speaking buddy, who’s also an English learner.

A non-native speaker who shares your passion to English and faces the same challenges.

Someone who’s your like-minded person. Someone who you can relate to.

You both have so much in common that it’s natural for you to connect, share your thoughts, experience and exchange advice that will move you forward.

So, I’m that person. A passionate English learner who’d love to be your virtual English-speaking buddy.

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Vika.

For many years I’d struggled to achieve fluency in English that woudn’t dissappear at the end of a class or a course.

And eventually I found my way.

Today English is an inevitable part of my life despite I live in a non-English speaking country.

So I’m not an English teacher. I work in the ESL industry as a content-manager and I have media background.

I rather see myself as a mediator between educators and learners.

There’re several reasons why I created this website (after several years of doubts and procrastination) but I will list the main three:

  • My access to the great English teachers and learners
  • My passion for writing and creating new things from scratch
  • My desire to help people with useful and clear information

This is basically how this website was born.

And I truly hope that eventually it will become a platform with practical knowledge and friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

What will you find on the website:

Useful tutorials, insights, reviews, simple but proven techniques to get results in your English learning.

For now there are three main sections:

“How To” articles and videos about different aspects of learning and using English.

Articles about my own experience with different tools, courses, maraphones, communities etc.

Concise and unconventional explanations of useful English words, expressions and idioms. If you want to get this articles via email, sign up here.

Tell me about yourself!

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself. Start from a simple “Hello, I’m (your name)” and tell me about your English journey.

How often do you use English? Do you use it at work? Do you connect with the language as much as you want?

Share your story in the comments or write to me at vika@about-english.com

Let’s keep in touch

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