How Our First Meeting Went

Last Tuesday, we had our first meeting. Yay! Twelve people joined and I see it as a great sign. I want once again to thank everyone for coming and for being open and brave enough to share with us their stories. The meeting was based on this article: 5 Things I Wish I Knew before […]

Want to get things done? Join our FB Accountability Group

I came up with the idea of creating an accountability group after our meeting about “how to get things done”. During the session, participants were so excited to finally move in the right direction and start doing things, not just talk about them. At the same time, there was a lack of clarity and support. […]

How my English changed in 2020

It’s the end of the year and we usually reflect on it and try to see what worked and what didn’t. Here’s what I managed to do with my English this year. It boils down to 3 aspects of English. Pronunciation This year was very good for my pronunciation in general because I finally started […]

Speaking club. Meeting #8 summary: Your life story

Everyone’s life is a story. And yesterday we all shared our stories. It’s interesting that at first, I planned to have a usual discussion with questions and answers and only then go to the experimental-sharing-your-story part. BUT in most groups, people get so excited and intrigued about the third part of the meeting, so they […]

Speaking club. Meeting #2 summary

Yesterday we had our second meeting and here’s a summary of it. 12 people joined as the previous meeting. I think it’s a magic number)) hahaha We’re talking about 7 myths about learning that often prevent us from achieving results we want. We started in the main room and then split into groups of 2-4 […]

Speaking club. Meeting #3 summary: Reading in English

To be honest, I haven’t expected many participants at the meeting about reading in English. You know, nowadays not so many people like to read. The majority prefer to watch or listen. And you know what? We had 15 people (me included) during our meeting on Friday. And it’s quite many for our newly born […]

Speaking club. Meeting #4 summary: Bonnie and Clyde True Story

Meeting number four took place yesterday. I had an amazing time with the awesome ladies. We read a text about Bonnie and Clyde and had a great discussion. We all agree that nothing could justify murdering people and that an easy way to get money could lead to dreadful circumstances.  As one of the participants […]

Speaking Club, Meeting #5: Singing in English

Okay, let me tell you about our 5th meeting. It was freaking awesome! Really. If you don’t believe me watch the video, it won’t lie. We were talking about our favorite music, songs and then decided to sing ABBA’s Dancing Queen. We did it without rehearsal (we chose the song during the meeting) and just […]

Speaking club. Meeting #7 summary: How to get things done

Yesterday we had a meeting about How to get things done. The topic really stroke a chord among many of About English readers. No wonder. Nowadays we often feel a little bit overwhelmed: so many things to do and no time for all of them. During the meeting, we talked about our plans and things […]

Speaking club. Meeting #11. How to Be Productive

Yesterday we had a meeting about Productivity. And it was very productive! First, we talked about Brook Castillo’s podcast episode about productivity that we had listened to before the meeting. She has a different approach to productivity. She encourages not to focus on the amount of time you spent on something but on the result: […]

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