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Vocabulary Test #1

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Want to check your vocabulary? Pass this vocabulary test. I created it based on the first 10 words and expressions I’d shared with you so far.

Even if you’re new to my website it’s a great opportunity to see what you’re already know and what you can add to your vocabulary.

Even if you don’t get all 10 correct answers you can always check out the meaning of the words in this section or simply search in the search bar on the right side of the website.

Good luck!

Vocabulary Test #1

Vocabulary Test #1

Once you finish the quiz let me know in the comments what’s your score and what what the most tricky question.

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15 thoughts on “Vocabulary Test #1

  1. Hi Vika! Thank you for the great test. To be honest most of the words and expressions I’ve learned from your blog. Such as impromptu, you got this, for good… The “whole shebang” is the one I don’t know 😉 Probably I’ve just missed one of your wonderful and helpful articles 😉 and I need to catch up! I’ve heard that people use “long time no see” when they run into each other at a grocery store. It is a quite popular expression.

  2. 9 out of 10
    I haven’t heard the expression “for good” and didn’t read the article about it!! I’m gonna do it though… It was a fun quiz! Thanks Vika 🙂

    1. Wow! Great result, Elena! Let me know if you don’t find a post about “for good”) Hope to see you in the speaking club too) We’re gonna sing this time)

    2. I knew the expression “you got it” : you are gonna be successful but I clicked in the wrong place…?

      1. This kind of test is exactly what we need to stick the meaning of words or expressions in our brain . Thanks Vika for it. We (I) need more !!!!!

  3. Haha, Natalia, great to hear from you) Long time no see, hahaha. Happy to hear you liked the quiz. Here’s all about “the whole shebang” https://about-english.com/the-whole-shebang-meaning/ I hope to see you in the Speaking club soon!

  4. wow, i have done all. yahooo . I hope i will be advance learner soon though I am beginer. Thanks Mam for making this quiz .

  5. The idea with a quiz is wonderful. I didn’t guess 2 expressions. How often are these expressions used? It’s not easy for me to remember new words. I have to meet the same words several times and then I remember them, then if I don’t use them I can forget them.

    1. Hey Natalia, thank you for sharing! Great result!
      Yes, I agree: when we don’t use we don’t remember.
      But don’t worry, you don’t need to learn 1000 words a week. It’s much better to learn 5 words a week but words that you actually want to use (for instance, during your own lessons with your students). Here’s Hadar Shemesh’s great video about the strategy with Vocab Planner https://youtu.be/bd6iGLmUssQ and this one is about techniques you can use to drrrrilll those words https://youtu.be/KXt9dhDtYAE

      Let me know which expressions you didn’t know.

      Hope it helps)

  6. Hi Vika, i got 8 of 10. That was superior for me… no help….It was great… I have been aware of your post.

  7. Hi, Vika. Thanks for the great test. I have a great result ( 9 right answers) but I didn’t know the expression ” the Whole Shebang ” and the word “impromptu”. My vocabulary is weak. I’m learning with you.

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