6 Steps to Skyrocket Your Learning Process [by Jim Kwik]

In his recent podcast episode, a world-wide known memory coach Jim Kwik shared 6 tactics that can dramatically improve the learning process and help to get faster and better results. Whether you’re an English learner or an English teacher who strives to do your best for your students, these tips are gold. Here’s the summary: […]

9 Healthy Ways to Find Someone to Speak English with

There are multiple ways to find people to speak English with. The trick is to find nice people with whom you can genuinely want to connect and build relationships throughout the years. Apps and algorithms could help you to find a partner to practice English but it’s you who needs to do the main job […]

Lingoda Marathon Review Part 3: Learning Tips

At the end of 2019, I took part in Lingoda Marathon. In this series of articles, I share my experience and tips. How to make the most of the Lingoda Marathone The Lingoda marathon is an unusual experience learning experience. Thanks to the quantity and quality of classes you’re able to make a habit of […]

How to Improve English Speaking Skills Online

If you want to improve your English speaking skills but struggle with finding opportunities online, this post is for you! I always thought that I’m quite good at English speaking, and I don’t need “to improve my speaking skills.” I was abroad and had friends among natives, and they had no problems with understanding me. […]

How to Learn Vocabulary in the Most Efficient Way | The Basics

I think that one of the most common dilemmas for learners in terms of learning vocabulary is not knowing where to start, what words to learn, and how to learn without forgetting them. So, I decided to ask all these questions to an outstanding teacher, Csabi Berger. Polyglot himself, he has been teaching for 13 […]

How to Choose the Right Vocabulary from English Books

As you might know, books are a great tool for expanding your English vocabulary. Though not everyone knows how to use this tool. Believe it or not but passive reading is not enough to grow your vocabulary. To be able to use new interesting words and expressions you come across in books you need to […]

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