Vocabulary Collection: Women in Tech Empower Each Other | with Video and Quizlet [B2]

Vocabulary Collection: Women in Tech Empower Each Other | with Video and Quizlet [B2]

This post is a vocabulary practice you can use to practice your listening and speaking skills.

It best fits strong Upper-Intermediate [B2] students but if you understand the video you can practice with it as well.

To get the most out of this practice follow the tasks one by one.

1. Watch the video and try to retell the main idea in your own words.  Record your story on the phone.
*Watch it several times if needed.   

2. Read the sentences and see if you know the highlighted words.

1. My advice to women seeking leadership roles and technology is to be confident.  I would recommend speaking up.

2. I think it’s really important as you pursue a role in technology to have unshakable optimism.

3. I can’t stress enough the value of mentorship.

4. When I think about any large career move, it is grounded in three pillars and that is purpose, potential and people.
5. Use your voice, raise your hand and be confident in your own ability.
6. Just speak up and say what you feel, say what you think, don’t be intimidated by men around the table or other people more senior than you.

7. Enjoy solving problems, each and every single day depending who you’re working with. We need to be able to enjoy that process.

8. Find females who will support you and share their experience as to how they navigated the tech industry and how they’re currently navigating the tech industry.

9. Your voice matters, your opinion, matters and you’re there for a reason. So use that.

10. And when you have a clear sense of purpose and a clear sense of why, not only does it help you go through your crucible moment, it actually inspires their team to rally around you.

11. Being a FIO person which just means figure it out you may not know but find a way and get it done.

12. Women tend to be less likely to apply for promotions, to speak up in meetings or apply for new roles if they don’t feel like they have all of the skills required to be successful. The fact of the matter is seldom does anyone. So why couldn’t that opportunity be yours.

3. Check the meaning of the words.

to pursue a career – to make a career
to speak up – to express your opinion frankly and openly
seek – to look for
unshakable – firm, steadfast, fixed, unwavering
I can’t stress enough – refers to important point of view
a career move – an action you take to progress in your career
be intimidated – to feel fear
to intimidate – to frighten, especially by threatening someone
be grounded in – to be based on
say what you feel – express what’s on your mind
senior – having a higher level job or position than someone else; older
navigate – to handle the situation
the tech industry – a service industry that includes computer design and programming
for a reason – because of something, на то есть причина, неслучайно
rally around – come together in support of a someone or something
a crucible moment – a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity
find a way – to discover how to achieve or deal with something
get it done – finish or complete something
sense of purpose – have value and importance; to be needed
sense of why – when you know the deep reason of your actions
to apply for – Make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan, etc.)
the fact of the matter is –  to tell someone that something is the truth
tend to – be likely to, be prone to

required – necessary according to the rules or for a particular purpose

4. See if you need to look up other words that aren’t covered in the sentences.
5. Make sentences with all new words and expressions that you discover from this video.
6. Learn the words and expressions with Quizlet*. Here’s the link. It could take several days to learn these words. 

It’s a ready quiz with the words from the video. You need to sign up for Quizlet but it’s free.  

7. Watch the video again.

8. Make a new recording retelling the video using the words and expressions that you’ve learned.
9. Compare your first and the latest recordings and share your results and insights in the comments.

Good luck!  

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