Rekindle meaning, synonyms and usage

Rekindle meaning, synonyms and usage

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Here is a post on the verb ‘rekindle’ and its meaning.

You probably already know the word ‘kindle’. Today, it is mostly associated with kindle ebooks, at least among non-native speakers.

The verb ‘kindle’ has two main meanings:

MeaningSynonyms Examples
to start a fire  light, start, ignite, fire If you kindle a fire, you light paper or wood in order to start it.  
to cause a strong feelingarouse, excite, inspire, stir 


The second world war kindled his enthusiasm for politics.  


What rekindle means

Now, when you rekindle, you restore or revive relationships with someone you once knew.

For instance:

  • I was glad of the opportunity to rekindle an old friendship.
  • She wants to rekindle with me.
  • If you’re thinking about texting an old hookup to rekindle, experts say there are a few things to consider*. (see the full article below)

You can also rekindle your memories, emotions or interests.

  • You get a chance to meet up with people and rekindle memories.
  • Its election offered an example of how to rekindle interest in politics.

I have discussed the meaning of rekindle in this video with my friend and English teacher Daniela Przybyszewska. We also recalled the idiom ‘an old flame’.

Once you are done with the video, share your own examples of rekindle in the comments.

Here are some questions that might help:
– How often do you rekindle your relationship with people?
– Would you rekindle your relationship with someone who hurt your feelings in the past?
– How do you rekindle your imagination?

Looking forward to seeing your examples!

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