Fall out: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Fall out: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

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In this post, you’ll learn the phrasal verb ‘fall out’ and its meaning.

When someone loses their teeth, we can say that their teeth fall out.

  • Her baby teeth are starting to fall out.

The same applies to hair.

  • Her hair started falling out because she was so depressed.

When it comes to relationships, ‘fall out’ means “to cut off a relationship over an argument”.

The noun ‘falling out’ means a severe quarrel or disagreement.

Falling out over something means you have a big argument that ends a relationship.

Examples of ‘fall out’ in sentences:

  • I haven’t spoken to my brother for nearly three years because of a falling out we had over our father’s estate.

Fall out of love: meaning

People often use the verb ‘fall out’ to describe the end of romantic relationships.

When you ‘fall out of love’ with someone that means you don’t love this person anymore.

Here are some quotes from BuzzFeed post* (find the full post below)

  • A while ago, we wrote up the moments when people realized they were falling out of love with their significant other.
  • I’m not sure if I’ve fallen out of love with him or if I’m just telling myself that so I don’t break into a million pieces.

There are various ways to describe the end of relationships. In this video, I talked about some of them with my friend and English teacher Tabitha Lucas.

In particular, we talked about these expressions:

  • to unfriend somebody (only on social media)
  • to cut ties
  • we don’t talk anymore
  • we don’t go out/hang out
  • to lose contact with somebody
  • to drift apart

Once you’ve watched the video, share your examples with falling out or with any expressions you liked.

You can share your personal stories or stories you read or saw on TV. The most important thing is to use the words in the context.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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