Harry and Meghan interview to Oprah  | Vocabulary part 1

Harry and Meghan interview to Oprah | Vocabulary part 1

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Have you heard about their shocking interview? Prince Harry and his Meghan Duchess of Sussex, who had stepped back from their role as senior members of the Royal family  in 2020, revealed what was the reason.

The full version of the interview is still not available but the short clips that were aired shocked the world.
If you’re into the British Royals this is a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary while following the story.

Here’s the first clip available on YouTube in which the couple said that tabloids’ attacks on them were different because of race.

I collected some expressions that you can use in a different context.

  • Watch the clip from the interview (00:33-4:21)
  • While watching the pay attention to the words and expressions they use
  • Review vocabulary and watch the clip again
  • Choose 1-2 expressions you’d like to incorporate into your speech


“Consequences were on us” – we were responsible for the consequences

“I can’t speak for him” – I can’t tell what he thinks
“I’ll always be there for him, I’ll always be there for my family” – I’ll always be available to provide help and support”
toxic environment – an environment causing you a lot of harm and unhappiness over a long period of time.
“He had to make peace with it” – “he had to accept something that was previously worrying or annoying for him”

“It translated in a different way across the pond” – “It was interpreted differently in the USA”. across the pond – on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

“You had a noise level that was very different”
“You felt bullied on an international level”
“I can’t picture what that felt like”
“The press team that goes on the record to defend you” – the press team’s duty to defend Royal Family members are officially declared and written down.

“That didn’t happened for us”
“Would that make a difference to you? “
“There’s a lot of people that’ve seen it for what it was”

I hope that helps. Share in the comments what do you think about the interview.

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