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Save the date: what does it mean

‘Save the date’ literally means ’save this day on your calendar and plan nothing on this date, so you won’t miss the event’.

Presenters, bloggers, and various public figures use this phrase when they announce the important dates.

Here’s an example from Vox’s newsletter.


Save the date: what does it mean

As you can see, the subject of the message says ”Save the date for the Trump-Kim summit”.

The media invites readers to witness an important event, two world leaders meeting and announces the date.

I often see this expression in the emails of various educators when they announce their webinars or present the whole calendar for their upcoming events.

‘Save the date’ is also used on wedding announcement cards and it’s not the same as an official invitation to a wedding.

In the opposite, it’s a pre-invitation that officially informs your family and friends about your wedding. By sending them a ‘save the date’ card you’re sort of telling them that you’re going to invite them to the celebration.

According to etiquette, it needs to be sent 4-6 months before a wedding. The card usually includes the date itself and wedding location without details that you might not have by this time.

How you can say ‘save the date’ differently:

– Mark it on your calendar
– Circle it in red on the calendar
– It’s on my calendar for this month

See more examples of using this sentence on youngish.

Okay, that’s it. Now tell me if you heard this expression before and what were the circumstances? I’d love to hear from you! Share it in the comments or write to me directly at

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18 thoughts on “Save the date: what does it mean

  1. I hear this expression before but I can’t really remember when exactly it was because I didn’t pay attention to it because I didn’t know the meaning; now I do so it is a nice expression I think. Thanks!

  2. Very useful the article, I hadn’t heard this expression before, but now there is a new expression in my list . Thanks .

  3. After you analyze the expression it makes sense and is easy to incorporate in our expressions. Very helpful!!!

  4. I heard this expression before. The first time that I heard it was in a wedding invitation.
    But I haven’t met before the other expressions that you mentioned above.

  5. I’ve heard this expression before for wedding announcement, like you’ve mentioned. I’ve thought it is only related to celebrations, like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, so thanks for the Trump-Kim summit example.

  6. Thank you Vika. I’ve never heard about this expression and it’s too simple to remember.

  7. Thank you Vika!
    I have a friend whose job is making weeding card. So I have seen “save the date” a lot in his work. I usually guess what it mean but not enough.
    Thanks for your sharing!

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