Gloss Over: Meaning and Usage

Gloss Over: Meaning and Usage

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In this post, you’ll learn the expression ‘gloss over’ and its meaning.

If you gloss over something, you treat or describe it as if it were not important.

Let’s say you made an embarrassing mistake and then you tried to make it seem not important and quickly continued talking about something else. In this case, you gloss over that mistake.

I came across ‘gloss over’ in the BBC article about Fluency. Here’s the context.

“And it isn’t only the speaker who glosses over mistakes; … grammatical errors usually won’t prevent comprehension on the part of the listener, who is automatically able to “edit out” mistakes.”

Gloss over: synonyms

The synonyms of ‘gloss over’ are ‘disregard’ or ‘bypass’.

Here are some more examples of the usage of ‘gloss over’ in the context:

  • She glossed over the company’s declining profits.
  • The documentary glossed over some important issues.
  • Why we gloss over great ideas – and invest in bad ones
  • US warns China will use the Olympics to gloss over abuses
  • In the early days, I would gloss over my family’s experience.Here’s my sentence:
  • I can’t gloss over my mistakes. On the contrary, I often beat myself up for making them.
Now it’s your turn!

Make a sentence with ‘gloss over’ and share in the comments. This is how you can remember this expression and I will know that you get it.

Can’t wait to see your examples!

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