Want to get things done? Join our FB Accountability Group

Want to get things done? Join our FB Accountability Group

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I came up with the idea of creating an accountability group after our meeting about “how to get things done”.

During the session, participants were so excited to finally move in the right direction and start doing things, not just talk about them. At the same time, there was a lack of clarity and support.

So, after the meeting, I asked if they’d like to have such a group where we can share our ups and downs and support each other. And they said “yes”.

accountability group


Several weeks later during our meeting about productivity, the group was opened.

It’s called Doers and Achievers.

It’s gonna be our tool to do things, accomplish them and get the support of like-minded people who’re on the same page.

The goal of the group – to do and achieve results in any sphere of our life. Learn, inspire, and support each other on this journey.

There are will be the following activities:

  • Setting and sharing your goals
  • Prioritizing your THREE main goals for a week
  • Monthly accountability meetings where we summarize how productive the month was for us, what didn’t go well, and what we plan for the next one.It’s a private group. Only members of the group can see what we share there. All we share there stays there.

If you:

  • Want to do and achieve more and surround yourself with people with similar goals and aspirations
  • Ready to be effective, helpful, resourceful, supportive, inspirational, helpful and DO things not just think or talk about them
  • Ready to learn, share, do, fail, do, fail and do, fail and do, do, do until you get the result you want
Then join us! Here’s the link

Don’t forget to answer the questions! If I don’t know you personally and you don’t answer the request will be declined. I want to make sure that our group provides a safe and productive environment. And also if you want to do more you need to start doing. Joining the group is the first step to your journey!

Hope to see you inside!

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