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Track record: do you know the meaning?

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The expression ‘track record’ has nothing to do with a record studio or music as it may seem when you first encounter it. At least I thought something like this. 

It’s usually used in a work-related environment and could mean both: achievements and failure a person or a company has.

For instance, Jenny has a track record for taking an idea and making it work.  That means that she’s really good at implementing things and has done it several times. 

‘The company has a long track record of deceiving partners’. In this case, ‘track record’ used in a negative shadow. 

We might have hired you but considering your track record we just can’t. 

The expression is used with the verb ‘have’, with the preposition ‘with’ or without a preposition at all.

‘We need a candidate with a proven track record in digital marketing’. 

It’s widely used in cover letters and CVs, but career experts say that nowadays it’s just a cliche that won’t help you to stand out from other candidates.

It’s better to have a story that proves your track record and explains to potential employers why they should hire you.

Okay, that’s it. Now tell me if you’ve ever used ‘track record’ sentence in your CV or cover letter or in which sphere you have a proven track record. Share it in the comments or write to me directly at

P. S. As always you could see more examples of usage and also practice the sentence on youngish.

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