How Our First Meeting Went

How Our First Meeting Went

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Last Tuesday, we had our first meeting. Yay!

Twelve people joined and I see it as a great sign. I want once again to thank everyone for coming and for being open and brave enough to share with us their stories.

The meeting was based on this article: 5 Things I Wish I Knew before Starting Learning English.

How Our First Meeting Went

In my view, the atmosphere was terrific (I hope that some of the participants could confirm it in the comments. hahah).

We talked about our English journey: how we started, our ups and downs, struggles and regrets, where we’re now, what goals we have in our English learning process and what prevents us from learning now.


Here’re some obstacles that the participants shared:

- My main obstacle is lack of time.
- I don’t know where to start.
- I don't have an effective daily plan.
- I struggle with managing time. I have time but it doesn’t seem enough to do all I want.
- I feel a little bit stuck in improving my pronunciation, and not having fast progress.
- It’s difficult to define a specific time for studies.

It’s essential to identify our struggles in order to find a way to overcome them. This is what participants did and what you can do as well.

Ask yourself: What is preventing you from achieving desired results in your English learning? And write down your answer. And then you can start looking for a solution.

As you can see all of these obstacles are not just excuses people tell in order not to do something but tricky things that can hold us back.

For me, it’s a reason to write a new article to address all of these issues. So if you’re experiencing the same difficulties stay tuned for this article.

And if you have different struggles in your English studies please share them in the comments or via email, so I will include them in the article.

Our next meeting’s topic is 7 Lies of Learning, according to Jim Kwik.

Here’re they are:
1. Intelligence is fixed
2. We only use 10% of our brains
3. Mistakes are failures
4. Knowledge is power
5. Learning new things is very difficult
6. The criticism of other people matters
7. Genius is born

We’ll discuss each of these points and we’ll learn tools that will help you with your learning process. Hope to see you there!

The details about the date and time of the meeting will be published later.

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10 thoughts on “How Our First Meeting Went

  1. I just think it was amazing; even the lack of time I have sometimes I do everything I can to attend this such meeting because I just love it.

    1. Hey Kone, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the meeting. And honored that you will spend some of your time to the next meetings) See you!

  2. Dear Vika:. I am your empty chair student…. I see myself awesome… Ja…. I’m sorry for interrupting your session… That was my first time in a similar event…. I was glad being part of it…. And you made me feel comfortable with the event…. I couldn’t connect with my computer but the phone got me out .
    Suddenly I would have too much to say but it was a good start… Thank you lovely friend….

    Otto Jhener Quezada

    1. Hey Otto, sorry) It’s always messy with the pictures) But it’s not that important. The most important that you showed up and held the conversation. Hope to see you next time!

  3. It was a great meeting with amazing people. I enjoyed it a lot.
    Thank you for your time to have arranged such a amazing meeting.

    Looking forward to next meetings!

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