Quiz: 7 words and expressions about presents

Do you like receiving presents? How about giving them to others?  Here’s a quiz  with presents vocabulary. Take a test and see how many of words and expressions you know.     Got all answers right? Awesome! Have a look for more quizzes here. In case you didn’t know some of the words you can […]

How to Choose the Right Vocabulary from English Books

As you might know, books are a great tool for expanding your English vocabulary. Though not everyone knows how to use this tool. Believe it or not but passive reading is not enough to grow your vocabulary. To be able to use new interesting words and expressions you come across in books you need to […]

Why do the English always talk about the weather?

I thought about this when I was taking a stroll along the River Thames in Windsor, when a total stranger passing me said “It’s going to be a cold one tonight!” That was it, nothing more. I of course replied “yes, it looks that way”, although privately I didn’t think the night was going to […]

How my English changed in 2020

It’s the end of the year and we usually reflect on it and try to see what worked and what didn’t. Here’s what I managed to do with my English this year. It boils down to 3 aspects of English. Pronunciation This year was very good for my pronunciation in general because I finally started […]

Take a stab: a different way to say try

Take a stab at something means to try doing something. Make an attempt. Basically, it’s a different way to say that you try to do something. Let’s look at some examples: She took a stab at solving the problem. I’d never tried snorkelling before but I had a stab at it while I was in […]

10 English idioms with Names

Does your language have many idioms with names in them? Mine, which is Russian, has some. Well, guess what, English has them too and their meaning is not always self-explanatory. Have a look at these 10 idioms and take a quiz to see if you get them right. 1. Jack of all trades, master of […]

Quiz: 10 English Idioms with Names

English has many idioms that contain names. Do you know what they mean and who were these people? Check yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck! Aren’t happy with your score? Have a look at the explanations in this post.   Want to take more quizzes? You can find them here.  

7 Useful Idioms about Time

Time is something we always talk about. Here’re some cool and practice idioms people use in English while they speak about time. I bet you know many of them. Let me know in the comments which are your favorite. And also check if you really understand them with this quiz. 1. Time flies how quickly […]

Quiz: 7 Useful Idioms about Time

We often talk about time. So why don’t use cool expressions to make your English speech more colorful? Here’s a quiz based on 7 Useful Idioms about Time post. You can read the post first and then take a quiz. Or visa versa. It’s totally up to you. Just don’t forget to share results with […]

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