Speaking club. Meeting #7 summary: How to get things done

Yesterday we had a meeting about How to get things done. The topic really stroke a chord among many of About English readers. No wonder. Nowadays we often feel a little bit overwhelmed: so many things to do and no time for all of them. During the meeting, we talked about our plans and things […]

Speaking club. Meeting #4 summary: Bonnie and Clyde True Story

Meeting number four took place yesterday. I had an amazing time with the awesome ladies. We read a text about Bonnie and Clyde and had a great discussion. We all agree that nothing could justify murdering people and that an easy way to get money could lead to dreadful circumstances.  As one of the participants […]

Speaking club. Meeting #2 summary

Yesterday we had our second meeting and here’s a summary of it. 12 people joined as the previous meeting. I think it’s a magic number)) hahaha We’re talking about 7 myths about learning that often prevent us from achieving results we want. We started in the main room and then split into groups of 2-4 […]

Speaking club. Meeting #6 summary: Dating

Let me share how was our latest meeting in the Speaking Club. The topic was dating. And it was a lot of fun. First, we split into groups for discussions. We talked about relationships and what kind of people attract us. In my group it was a great conversation with a lot of laughs despite […]

Speaking club. Meeting #3 summary: Reading in English

To be honest, I haven’t expected many participants at the meeting about reading in English. You know, nowadays not so many people like to read. The majority prefer to watch or listen. And you know what? We had 15 people (me included) during our meeting on Friday. And it’s quite many for our newly born […]

Speaking Club, Meeting #5: Singing in English

Okay, let me tell you about our 5th meeting. It was freaking awesome! Really. If you don’t believe me watch the video, it won’t lie. We were talking about our favorite music, songs and then decided to sing ABBA’s Dancing Queen. We did it without rehearsal (we chose the song during the meeting) and just […]

Lingoda Marathon Review Part 3: Learning Tips

At the end of 2019, I took part in Lingoda Marathon. In this series of articles, I share my experience and tips. How to make the most of the Lingoda Marathone The Lingoda marathon is an unusual experience learning experience. Thanks to the quantity and quality of classes you’re able to make a habit of […]

Lingoda Marathon Review | Part 2: Technical Side

At the end of 2019, I took part in Lingoda Maraphone. In this series of articles, I share my experience and tips. Should I take Lingoda marathons? You should if it meets your goal in English or in any other languages they offer: Spanish, German and French.   And if your goal is to brush up on […]

Lingoda Marathon Review Part 1: Pros and Cons

In 2019 I took part in the Lingoda Marathon. In this series of articles, I share my experience and tips. As you might guess, this part is about pros and cons of the Lingoda Marathon. PROS 1. The Platform and Learning Materials  Lingoda has a convenient and simple learning platform that is really easy to […]

How to Improve English Speaking Skills Online

If you want to improve your English speaking skills but struggle with finding opportunities online, this post is for you! I always thought that I’m quite good at English speaking, and I don’t need “to improve my speaking skills.” I was abroad and had friends among natives, and they had no problems with understanding me. […]

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