6 Steps to Skyrocket Your Learning Process [by Jim Kwik]

In his recent podcast episode, a world-wide known memory coach Jim Kwik shared 6 tactics that can dramatically improve the learning process and help to get faster and better results. Whether you’re an English learner or an English teacher who strives to do your best for your students, these tips are gold. Here’s the summary: […]

“I agree” vs “I’m agree”: Which One Is Correct

Using “I’m agree” instead of “I agree” is a common mistake among my Elementary and Intermediate students. I decided to write this post to clarify the usage of the verb ‘agree’. 1. “I agree” I agree is the correct usage of the verb ‘agree’ in Present Simple Tense. Agree is a verb that means to […]

“I’m interested” VS “I’m interesting”

“Interesting” and “interested” are both adjectives, but they mean different things. Let’s say your friend offers you two free movie tickets. — If you are interested in it, that means that you want the ticket. — If the movie was interesting, it means that you liked the movie. In other words, “interested” refers to “you” […]

Track record: do you know the meaning?

The expression ‘track record’ has nothing to do with a record studio or music as it may seem when you first encounter it. At least I thought something like this. The term is usually used in a work-related context and can refer both to success and failure. For instance, Jenny has a track record for […]

TED Talk vocabulary: Stress, health and psychology

As you probably already know TED Talks are a great way to improve any of your English skills: vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and reading. In this post, I collected some useful words and expressions from the TED Talk of psychologist Kelly McGonigal about our stress response. Recommendation: Watch (or read) the TED Talk and see what […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Learning English

When you learn English or a new skill, there’s always something you wish you had known before. Ideally, you’d like to have someone who could share with you some shortcuts. Nowadays, you can find such a person on the internet or YouTube. But when I started learning English there wasn’t Youtube and the internet wasn’t […]

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