Don’t Understand ‘Friends’? Watch These 5 TV Series For Elementary and Intermediate Students

Don’t Understand ‘Friends’? Watch These 5 TV Series For Elementary and Intermediate Students

Watching videos is a great way to improve listening skills. But if you don’t understand them it could be really frustrating.😤

🤔What to do? 

💡Start by watching videos created for English learners. 

They are easy to follow and engaging. Watching them will help you recognize common expressions and words used in daily conversations.

▶️ Here are 5 shows  for elementary and intermediate students but they’re also good for anyone who wants to start improving their listening skills.

1. TV Series about life of young people from the UK

The show follows the lives of 5 young people renting a house in London.

Show time: 36 minutes
Episode: 5 min
Dialect: British English
Subtitles: yes

2. Lifetime

The show is about a young girl named Julia who starts working for a news channel.
Show time: 1 hour 37 min
Episode: 8 min
Dialect: British English
Subtitles: yes

3. English conversation 20

This episode is about Agatha Jonhnson and her Spanish friend Elena. At the end of the episode a teacher analyzes conversations of the episode, so viewers can practice pronunciation with her.
You can find more episodes on this playlist.
Episode: 18 min (the show ends at 18:27)
Subtitles: Yes
Dialect: American English

4. Speak Out Podcast

Three-minute clips of different people talking about different things: health, work, travel, contact, emotions, fitness, travel, changes, etc.
There are a variety of episodes divided by level: from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate. The episodes can be found on this channel.
Episode time: 3 min
Dialect: British English
Subtitles: Youtube Subtitles

5. Learn English with TV Series

This is a collection of clips from popular TV shows with commentary by an English teacher.
If you understand the teacher, these clips will fit you well. You can find the clips on this playlist.
Episode time: 5-20 minutes
Dialect: American English
Subtitles: yes

✨Bonus video about developing you listening skills✨

Hope it helps. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
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