How Our First Meeting Went

Last Tuesday, we had our first meeting. Yay! Twelve people joined and I see it as a great sign. I want once again to thank everyone for coming and for being open and brave enough to share with us their stories. The meeting was based on this article: 5 Things I Wish I Knew before […]

How to Improve English Speaking Skills Online

If you want to improve your English speaking skills but struggle with finding opportunities online, this post is for you! I always thought that I’m quite good at English speaking, and I don’t need “to improve my speaking skills.” I was abroad and had friends among natives, and they had no problems with understanding me. […]

How to Learn Vocabulary in the Most Efficient Way | The Basics

I think that one of the most common dilemmas for learners in terms of learning vocabulary is not knowing where to start, what words to learn, and how to learn without forgetting them. So, I decided to ask all these questions to an outstanding teacher, Csabi Berger. Polyglot himself, he has been teaching for 13 […]

Malleable: Meaning and Synonyms

In this post, you’ll learn what the word malleable means. Here’s an audio with the pronunciation of malleable /mæliəbəl/ American version UK version Listen to the word and repeat it several times until you can pronounce it easily. Malleable is an adjective. We use it when we want to describe a material or a substance […]

Harness: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

In this post, you’ll learn the word ‘harness’ and its meaning. A harness is a piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person, an animal, or an object. We can put a harness on a horse, on a dog and even on a cat. There is a […]

Carve Out: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

In this post, you’ll learn the phrasal verb ‘carve out’ and its meaning. ‘Carve out’ is derived from ‘carve’. When you carve, you make objects or patterns by cutting away material from wood or stone. You can carve ‘from’ or ‘out of’ something. We can say “the statue was carved out of a single piece […]

Rekindle meaning, synonyms and usage

Here is a post on the verb ‘rekindle’ and its meaning. You probably already know the word ‘kindle’. Today, it is mostly associated with kindle ebooks, at least among non-native speakers. The verb ‘kindle’ has two main meanings: Meaning Synonyms  Examples to start a fire   light, start, ignite, fire  If you kindle a fire, you […]

Fall out: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

In this post, you’ll learn the phrasal verb ‘fall out’ and its meaning. When someone loses their teeth, we can say that their teeth fall out. Her baby teeth are starting to fall out. The same applies to hair. Her hair started falling out because she was so depressed. When it comes to relationships, ‘fall […]

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