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Does “for good” mean something good?

When you hear ‘for good’ without the context you probably think that it means good things because of the word ‘good’. And it’s wrong. And even if you see it in the sentence it still doesn’t make sense. The experience almost frightened me away for good. I remember this expression because of the Scandal, an […]

“You got this” vs “You got it”. What’s the difference

What would you think if someone tells you “you got this”? If you hear it for the first time you could think that it means that you have something. But actually the expression means “you can do it”. Usually, people say this in order to encourage someone who handles a challenge or a task. Here’s […]

Save the date: what does it mean

‘Save the date’ literally means ’save this day on your calendar and plan nothing on this date, so you won’t miss the event’. Presenters, bloggers, and various public figures use this phrase when they announce the important dates. Here’s an example from Vox’s newsletter.   As you can see, the subject of the message says […]

How to Improve Your English Using the Compound Effect

“Your English is awful!” – my boss shouted across the busy newsroom. I was shocked, mortified, and my only thought was, “I’m gonna lose this job”. If you’ve ever been ashamed of your English, you know the feeling. There’s nothing pleasant about it. In this post, I will share with you a proven and effective […]

When ‘so long’ doesn’t mean ‘so long’

I don’t remember when I first heard this expression ‘so long’ and what I thought about it (probably that it was about something that is really long). But I remember very well when I decided to look it up in a dictionary. It was because of James Blunt’s song So long Jimmy. And I remember […]

The Lingoda Marathon Review From A Winner

I took part in the Lingoda Marathon ​at the end of 2019 and I won it: I got back the money I had paid for the lessons. In case you’ve never heard about the Lingoda Marathon, it’s an online challenge during which all participants should attend one hour English classes every day during three months. […]

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