Quiz: 10 English Idioms with Names

English has many idioms that contain names. Do you know what they mean and who were these people? Check yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck! Aren’t happy with your score? Have a look at the explanations in this post.   Want to take more quizzes? You can find them here.  

7 Useful Idioms about Time

Time is something we always talk about. Here’re some cool and practice idioms people use in English while they speak about time. I bet you know many of them. Let me know in the comments which are your favorite. And also check if you really understand them with this quiz. 1. Time flies how quickly […]

Quiz: 7 Useful Idioms about Time

We often talk about time. So why don’t use cool expressions to make your English speech more colorful? Here’s a quiz based on 7 Useful Idioms about Time post. You can read the post first and then take a quiz. Or visa versa. It’s totally up to you. Just don’t forget to share results with […]

It’s been a while: meaning and usage

“It’s been a while” is not a very controversial sentence for us, non-native-speakers. It literally means “it’s been a long time since people saw each other.” When I hear this expression I picture a couple of former spouses or friends who suddenly bump up into each other and have this awkward conversation. This perception comes […]

Ten Brilliant Workplace Phrases | Practice Session

Last Friday we had a practice session called “10 brilliant workplace Phrases.” During the session, we learn 10 super useful phrases using Youglish. After it, we split into groups of two people and they prepared their own conversations trying to use as many of these expressions as possible. I should say that all participants did […]

Quiz | 10 Brilliant Workplace Phrases

There are two ways of taking this quiz: Take a quiz and if you got some answers wrong, go here and read/watch more about these 10 sentences. Go here, learn the sentence and then go back to the quiz. Good luck!   Once you done share your score in the comments or in your Facebook. […]

“Fill the void”: meaning and usage

I think I encountered the word “void” before. But I really wanted to know its meaning when I heard it in the sentence “fill that void” it Shallow, a hit performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Tell me something, boy Aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain’t […]

Pumped: definition and usage

When you’re pumped /pʌmpt/ that means that you’re excited or thrilled about something that’s going to happen or already happened. Let’s look at examples: I was so pumped before Adel’s concert.  “… and so I’m so pumped for you guys to hear from my dad on Friday.” “… people standing everywhere. Ok, maybe there were […]

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