Going Down the Rabbit Whole: Meaning and Examples

We all go down rabbit holes from time to time. If you don’t know the meaning of this expression, don’t worry, it’s not something to be ashamed of and it has nothing to do with poor rabbits. Although, literally rabbit hole is a hole that rabbits dig in the ground as their home. The expression […]

What Does POV Mean: Definitions and Examples

If you’ve ever wondered what POV means on TikTok or in text messages, you’ve come to the right place. POV stands for ‘point of view’. Initially a movie term, POV describes a shooting technique when a scene is viewed from the perspective of the camera or main protagonist. The classic example is Terminator where we […]

9 Healthy Ways to Find Someone to Speak English with

There are multiple ways to find people to speak English with. The trick is to find nice people with whom you can genuinely want to connect and build relationships throughout the years. Apps and algorithms could help you to find a partner to practice English but it’s you who needs to do the main job […]

When to Use ‘On the Flip Side’: Meaning and Examples

‘On the flip side’ is one of those English expressions you like right away. At least it was like that for me. Once I heard it I was eager to find out more about it and start using it. So, what exactly does it mean? ‘On the flip side’ is a synonym for ‘on the […]

Speaking club. Meeting #9 summary: Perception VS Reality

We had an awesome meeting yesterday. It was about perception and reality. We learned a bit about how different could be our perception if we know limited information about someone or something. And also saw with our own eyes how delusional reality could be (I’ll put all the links to those cool videos and tricky […]

Speaking club. Meeting #11. How to Be Productive

Yesterday we had a meeting about Productivity. And it was very productive! First, we talked about Brook Castillo’s podcast episode about productivity that we had listened to before the meeting. She has a different approach to productivity. She encourages not to focus on the amount of time you spent on something but on the result: […]

Speaking club. Meeting #8 summary: Your life story

Everyone’s life is a story. And yesterday we all shared our stories. It’s interesting that at first, I planned to have a usual discussion with questions and answers and only then go to the experimental-sharing-your-story part. BUT in most groups, people get so excited and intrigued about the third part of the meeting, so they […]

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