TOP-3 Grammar Websites for English Learners from Intermediate to Proficient

Since I started writing in English it was a bit difficult for me to find reliable references that explain grammar in a simple way with realistic examples.

Eventually, I found these 3 websites where I can always check grammar rules and see examples that make sense.

They stand out because of their structure and clear concise explanations. Additionally, you can search for a specific topic.

1. Perfect Grammar

grammar website

The website is created by a British teacher and Cambridge University graduate who’s been teaching English to foreign students for many years. Grammar is her specialization.

In addition to explainers, you’ll find plenty of exercises for practice.

2. Purdue University Writing Library

This one was recommended by my ex-colleague, a copy editor and an  English teacher. The website is specialized in helping people to write better.

grammar website

3.The Blue Book of Grammar

The website is an online version of the Blue Book of Grammar, written by an American grammar educator Jane Straus. 

When she was asked to teach an English class for adults, she couldn’t find a book with simple and clear explanations of rules, so she made her own notes. The notes became the Blue Book of Grammar, a best-selling book for writers, teachers, and anyone who wants to write well. 

grammar website

Besides explanations, you’ll also find tests to check your understanding.

You’ll also notice that Straus’s explanations are a bit different from what you may see in ESL materials. It allows you to see things differently. 

4. Grammar Girl [Bonus!]

Grammar girl is a worldwide known grammar expert Mignon Fogarty. On her podcast she talks about English grammar, language and culture. She’ll suit the best to English learners from Upper-Intermediate and higher.  Additionally, you can also learn grammar with her books or courses on Linkedin.

TOP-3 Grammar Websites for English Learners from Intermediate to Proficient

I also have a detailed guide on grammar checkers that will help you to choose the best option for you. 

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