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Speaking Club, Meeting #5: Singing in English

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Okay, let me tell you about our 5th meeting.

It was freaking awesome! Really.

If you don’t believe me watch the video, it won’t lie.

We were talking about our favorite music, songs and then decided to sing ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

We did it without rehearsal (we chose the song during the meeting) and just started singing and dancing a bit.

Considering that it was our first experience of singing together and we didn’t rehearse it, I think we did pretty well (despite some of the singers muted themselves. hahaha)

Watch the video:

I was so inspired and feel so grateful for such fearless, creative and passionate participants!

Thank you guys, you’re awesome!

I have more to tell: a new singing club was born during this meeting. We decided to make it a regular gig.

So, be ready to watch and listen to more songs.

And if you’re into music, stay tuned for the next singing meeting.

Next time we’re going to prepare and rehearse before recording the video. And it’s gonna be le-wait-for-it-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!

We’ll sing with you soon!


P. S.

If you want to be a part of our speaking club here’s the link to join.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Club, Meeting #5: Singing in English

  1. hey dear, I’m always thrilled when you join my meetings ) you know that. and also, you’re a great speaking club host too. in case you don’t know that.

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