Lingoda-Marathon review

The Lingoda Marathon Review From A Winner

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I took part in the Lingoda Marathon ​at the end of 2019 and I won it: I got back the money I had paid for the lessons.

In case you’ve never heard about the Lingoda Marathon, it’s an online challenge during which all participants should attend one hour English classes every day during three months.

If you attend all classes and are never late you’ll get a 100% refund. You could also choose a half marathon with fewer classes and get a 50%​ refund if you make it till the end.

According to Lingoda, 49% of people who entered the half and full marathon completed the course.

I took a full Marathon. After I finished it some of my fellow English learners and teachers asked about my experience. I thought that it might be useful for many others to know how the Lingoda marathon looks like.

In this review, I share my experiences and insights and also give some tips on how to make the most of similar online challenges.

It’s not a promotional article but my personal experience of participation in the marathon.

To make it easier to follow, I split it into the main three parts:

The Lingoda Marathon Review Part 1: Pros and Cons

Here I share positive experiences and talk about things that could be improved. Click here to read.

The Lingoda Marathon Review Part 2: Technical Side
Here I share some tips on how to navigate the platform, using Zoom and schedule the lessons. Click here to read.

The Lingoda Marathon Review Part 3: Learning Tips 
Here I share some ideas on how to improve learning experience during the Marathon. Click here to read.

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