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Quiz: 7 words and expressions about presents

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Do you like receiving presents? How about giving them to others?  Here’s a quiz  with presents vocabulary. Take a test and see how many of words and expressions you know.


Quiz: 7 words and expressions about presents


Got all answers right? Awesome! Have a look for more quizzes here.

In case you didn’t know some of the words you can look them up in this post if Cambridge dictionary blog.

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6 thoughts on “Quiz: 7 words and expressions about presents

  1. I done!
    It was interesting words Quiz. I had only one mistake, the last question about “baby present”. After I choose the answer I saw that I know the right answer, but it was late…

  2. Thanks for sharing, Vika. Some of the multiple answers had me cracking up. The quiz helped me remember that the word present is more formal than the word gift. Thanks.

  3. Hi, this is a cute quiz. Nice idea to learn the meanings and the stress through a quiz. Pasipa

  4. Hello Vika,
    First happy birthday! Wish you a happy year to come!
    These were the words I have learned.
    “Oh ! that’s so sweet! You really shouldn’t have to ..”
    ” I have brought you a little something, I hope you like it! ”
    Also, the difference between “Gift ” and “present ”
    Little twist
    ” Are coming to Lola’s baby shower today ?”
    “Hell, no ! ”
    “Why is that ?”
    “My husdand is the father !”

    Good Luck!

  5. Thank you Vika!, I didn’t know that present is more casual than gift, in Spanish is precisely the other way round.

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