Hit it Off: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Hit it Off: Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

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In this post, you’ll learn the idiom ‘hit it off’ and its meaning.

I came across this sentence in Amy Shumer’s talk at a Glamour Magazine’s event. She first thanked the magazine for introducing her to Hillary Clinton and then told a joke:

“I met Hillary and I was like I’m a huge fan if there’s anything I could do to help with your campaign like please and…. she was like… I’ll never forget… she was like you’re good where you are”.

And then she cracked up another joke where she uses ‘hit it off’. Here’s what she said:

“… like I met Madeline Albright tonight and like we really hit it off. So you’ve got squad competition Hillary. I’m just saying.. “

(You can watch watch the talk, the part with ‘hit it off’ starts at 5:26)

What does hit it off mean

When two people hit it off, they like each other and become friendly as soon as they meet.

Here’s an example: We had a similar view on a show, and the two of us hit it off right away.

The synonym of hit it off is ‘clicked’.

For instance, Liz and I really clicked the first time we met.

Here are some more examples of using ‘hit it off’ in a sentence:

  • I met Joyce when I was 3 and she was 1. We didn’t hit it off (see the full article below).
  • A Glaswegian man has taken to TikTok to try and get a date with an Irish doctor after they hit it off last week. (see the full article below).
  • One of the reasons that I hit it off with my friends at Harvard really early on, Bob Mnookin running the program up there, they put a heavy emphasis on teaching people not to lie.
  • He’s a lovely man and we hit it off.
Now it’s your turn!

Use ‘hit it off’ in a sentence and share it in the comments.

Here are some questions that might help:
– Do you have friends with whom you hit it off straight away?
– What kind of person should be in order for you to hit it off?

Looking forward to seeing your examples!

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