Quiz: 5 Typical British Words and Phrases to Talk about Weather

Here’s a quiz with some of the typical ways British people talk about the weather. See how many you know. Once you’ve done share your score in the comments and also tell about your favorite English expressions about weather. Didn’t get all answers right? Don’t worry. Come over here to see the expressions in the […]

Quiz: 10 English Idioms with Names

English has many idioms that contain names. Do you know what they mean and who were these people? Check yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck! Aren’t happy with your score? Have a look at the explanations in this post.   Want to take more quizzes? You can find them here.  

Quiz: 7 Useful Idioms about Time

We often talk about time. So why don’t use cool expressions to make your English speech more colorful? Here’s a quiz based on 7 Useful Idioms about Time post. You can read the post first and then take a quiz. Or visa versa. It’s totally up to you. Just don’t forget to share results with […]

Quiz | 10 Brilliant Workplace Phrases

There are two ways of taking this quiz: Take a quiz and if you got some answers wrong, go here and read/watch more about these 10 sentences. Go here, learn the sentence and then go back to the quiz. Good luck!   Once you done share your score in the comments or in your Facebook. […]

Vocabulary Test #1

Want to check your vocabulary? Pass this vocabulary test. I created it based on the first 10 words and expressions I’d shared with you so far. Even if you’re new to my website it’s a great opportunity to see what you’re already know and what you can add to your vocabulary. Even if you don’t […]

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