7 Useful Idioms about Time

Time is something we always talk about. Here’re some cool and practice idioms people use in English while they speak about time. I bet you know many of them. Let me know in the comments which are your favorite. And also check if you really understand them with this quiz. 1. Time flies how quickly […]

Out of line: meaning and usage

The expression “out of line” can be used in its literal meaning when someone or something is not in line. For instance, one of those books on the shelf is out of line with the others. As an idiom “out of line” has two main meanings: inappropriate or different from what is expected. Merriam Webster […]

It’s been a while: meaning and usage

“It’s been a while” is not a very controversial sentence for us, non-native-speakers. It literally means “it’s been a long time since people saw each other.” When I hear this expression I picture a couple of former spouses or friends who suddenly bump up into each other and have this awkward conversation. This perception comes […]

“Fill the void”: meaning and usage

I think I encountered the word “void” before. But I really wanted to know its meaning when I heard it in the sentence “fill that void” it Shallow, a hit performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Tell me something, boy Aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain’t […]

Pumped: definition and usage

When you’re pumped /pʌmpt/ that means that you’re excited or thrilled about something that’s going to happen or already happened. Let’s look at examples: I was so pumped before Adel’s concert.  “… and so I’m so pumped for you guys to hear from my dad on Friday.” “… people standing everywhere. Ok, maybe there were […]

Steer clear: meaning and usage

“Steer clear” is one of these expressions when it’s hard to get the meaning simply by guessing. I think I first encountered it in the Friends TV Series and didn’t get the meaning even out of the context. It was in the scene when Ross advises Rachel “not to look too terrific” at her meeting […]

The whole shebang: meaning and origin

I first encountered the expression “the whole shebang” in the pronunciation practice sheet of the Accent Makeover course. And I didn’t know the meaning of this expression. But I loved how it sounds and I felt that my guess about it’s meaning was right. And actually, it was right. It’s close to the expression “the […]

Long time no see: meaning and origin

There is no confusion about “long time no see” meaning. It’s easy to understand that it means ‘it’s been a long time since people saw each other last time’. I think I first heard it in a movie or a TV series and back then I thought that maybe I recalled it incorrectly. Even if […]

What does impromptu mean

When I first saw the word impromptu I thought that it’s some sort of app for speech recognition. I thought this because the sentence was this: Who asked me about the impromptu speech? To be honest, I didn’t read the whole message, I just saw it in my Facebook feed and didn’t read it properly. That’s […]

Learn the word “constraint”: definition and usage

I like how the word “constraint” sounds. It’s not difficult to learn how to pronounce it: there are no tricky parts in it. Maybe only the schwa sound in the first syllable. So if you have no idea what the schwa is, you’ll probably pronounce it as /kOnˈstreɪnt/ but actually it’s /kənˈstreɪnt/. But the definition […]

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